Is A Lot Better Correct?

Is more better a double negative?

In some lucky languages, the more negatives the better.

In English, however, two negatives are a no-no.

Some double negatives are obvious, but here you learn about some of the sneaky double-negatives that might be waiting to trip you up..

Is more better grammatically correct?

“More better” is never correct. If you want to say that something is better than good, you say it is “better,” but if you want to say it is more than better, you say that it is “best.”

Is much higher correct?

These two are grammatically correct and we use them for emphasis. Both are incorrect. However, you could have “much/even better” and “much/even higher”.

What does the phrase so much the better mean?

informal (also all the better) used to say that a particular action or situation would be even more successful: If you can go there this afternoon, so much the better.

Can you use more better in a sentence?

“better” is a comparative form of “good”, so you do not need to (and should not) say “more better”: say either: It is better than your book. It is far better than your book. Using “more better” is against normal grammar, and if it is used it is uneducated and substandard.