Is Smartsheet A Microsoft Product?

What company owns smartsheet?

In 2018, it was announced that Smartsheet acquired Converse.AI, a Scotland-based company that develops software for creating business automation bots….Smartsheet Inc.TypePublicFounded2006FoundersMark Mader, Brent FreiHeadquartersBellevue, WashingtonNumber of employees1588 (2020)2 more rows.

Is smartsheet better than MS Project?

Microsoft Project has 1127 reviews and a rating of 4.34 / 5 vs Smartsheet which has 1542 reviews and a rating of 4.43 / 5.

What is smartsheet for Outlook?

Smartsheet for Outlook allows you to create or edit Smartsheet tasks and collaborate on them in real time, all without leaving your Outlook inbox.

How much does smartsheet cost per month?

Smartsheet pricing starts at $14.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version. Smartsheet offers a free trial.

Is smartsheet a good investment?

In the end, Smartsheet could still be a great investment. The company is clearly hanging onto the customers it already has. … And perhaps Smartsheet is simply helping out small and medium-sized businesses by offering them assistance and reduced prices now in return for much larger gains later.

Who are smartsheet’s competitors?

Top Alternatives to Podio.Basecamp.Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management.

What is Microsoft smartsheet?

Smartsheet is a project management and collaboration tool in a simple spreadsheet layout. It enables teams to coordinate anything with powerful features like real-time collaboration, alerts and reminders, resource management, Gantt charts, and more.

Is smartsheet a Google product?

Combine Smartsheet with the G Suite productivity tools you use everyday to work in context and get more done. Smartsheet and G Suite work together with over 15 integrations to help you easily manage your work from one platform. …

Does smartsheet integrate with Microsoft teams?

With the Smartsheet for Microsoft Teams integration enabled, Smartsheet and Teams customers can add Smartsheet sheets, dashboards, and reports as ‘Tabs’ within a Team channel, helping their teams bring conversations together with a current view of projects, while providing a central location where teams can work more …

What can I use instead of Microsoft Project?

Summary Of The Best Microsoft Project Alternatives For Creating Gantt ChartsSoftwareOverviewPriceTeamGanttRead TeamGantt features & functionalityFrom $24.95/monthWorkzoneRead Workzone features & functionalityFrom $24/user/monthMicrosoft Project ProRead Microsoft Project Pro features & functionalityFrom $30/user/month7 more rows•Jun 20, 2020

What is smartsheet for Gmail?

With the Smartsheet for Gmail add-on, you can quickly copy what’s in an email message—any text and attachments—and add that information to rows in your sheets without having to leave Gmail. Once the information is captured in Smartsheet, all Smartsheet collaborators will be able to see and act on the information.

How many companies use smartsheet?

155 Companies155 Companies that are using Smartsheet Enterprise Project Management Software.

How much is Smartsheets?

Smartsheet Individual costs $14 per month for a single user paid annually, or $19 on a month-to-month basis. For that money, you get the ability to create 10 different sheets (essentially projects), which might be limiting for some.

Does smartsheet have a free version?

There are two user types in Smartsheet: … A licensed user is a paid user who can create new items in Smartsheet including sheets, reports, and dashboards, and share them with others. A free user is someone who does not have a paid Smartsheet license.

Why is smartsheet bad?

Smartsheet isn’t especially easy to use, and it lacks the intuitive design of many of its dedicated project management competitors.

Is smartsheet a CRM?

CRM Dashboards, Customer Service & Success| Smartsheet. Learn how the flexible, extensible Smartsheet platform can help your organization achieve more.

Is smartsheet compatible with Excel?

Discover new ways to present your data. Gain live access to Smartsheet data so you can analyze it in Excel. Deliver powerful analysis, visibility, and insight by integrating Smartsheet data into Excel.

Is smartsheet good for project management?

Smartsheet is a powerful project management tool, in both good and bad ways. To many project managers, spreadsheets come with familiarity and flexibility. They handle raw data, and you can build them to do whatever you want. Learning to use them can be painstaking, however, if you’re not already up to speed.

What is a smartsheet in Excel?

Smartsheet is an online platform with the power to share work, attach details, and automate alerts, creating one location to access and collaborate on projects in real time. In Excel, version control quickly becomes an issue because updates to data do not happen real-time.

Is smartsheet better than Excel?

Bottom line: Which one is better? Bottom line: Smartsheet is better. In this review, Smartsheet is better when we compare Smartsheet vs Excel as it allows sharing and collaboration on document and can easily be converted into more digestible visual representations.

Can you create a dashboard in teams?

SQL Access to Microsoft Teams Data from Cloud Applications You can create new visualizations, build interactive dashboards, and more.