Question: What Is A Work Package?

What is included in a work package?

“A work package is a mini-project, in a way,” says Rod Baxter, Co-Founder of Value Generation Partners, and author of the Project Management for Success Handbook.

Just like a project, your work package will include all elements, such as a budget, material(s), human resources, and schedules and milestones..

What is the difference between a work package and an activity?

The main difference between work package and activity is that work packages are at a higher level in Work Breakdown structure (WBS) than activities. A work package is comprised of a sequence of activities that culminates into a deliverable.

What are the key characteristics of a work package?

A work package is generally decided on due to the following characteristics they have in common:Nature of work involved (e.g. marketing, programming, etc.)Outcomes of the tasks.Geographical location where tasks take place.Time when tasks will be completed.Technology or materials that will be used.More items…•

What are the 7 processes of prince2?

There are 7 processes within the PRINCE2 methodology:Starting up a project.Directing a project.Initiating a project.Controlling a stage.Managing product delivery.Managing a stage boundary.Closing a project.

What is WBS and its types?

A deliverable-oriented WBS (also known as product-oriented WBS) decomposes the project scope into smaller and more manageable deliverables. … Deliverable are tangible components that need to be delivered to complete the project.

What are early works in construction?

An early works contract governs the preliminary works carried out prior to the finalisation of a head contract, under which the main works are carried out.

What is a work package in prince2?

Work Packages are a way for the Project Manager to group work activities together and assign work to a team or Team Manager to produce one or more products. A Work Package is therefore a set of information about one or more required products.

What is Work Breakdown Structure example?

For example, here’s a WBS example for an aircraft system: … Thus, you might have one group responsible for building an aircraft. Within this group, you might have one team focused on building the airframe, another on creating a propulsion system, and so on. It’s common to have three levels of decomposition in the WBS.

What is a work package in construction?

Construction Work Package (CWP) – A construction work package is an executable construction deliverable that defines in detail a specific scope of work and should include a budget and schedule that can be compared with actual performance.

What is funded from a change budget?

The Change Authority will have a change budget, which is a sum of money that the customer and supplier agree to use to fund the cost of Requests for Change. … The Project Board can limit the cost of a single change or the amount to be spent in any one stage.

How many levels should a WBS have?

Level of detail One must decide when to stop dividing work into smaller elements. For most projects a hierarchy of two to four levels will suffice. This will assist in determining the duration of activities necessary to produce a deliverable defined by the WBS.

What is an activity in project management?

An activity is typically one stage of a project management plan. Each activity consists of one or more actions that, upon completion, will lead to the next project stage. Taken together as a series, the activities will result in the final deliverable.

What is package deal contract?

package deal (design-and-build con- tract). An all-in contract for a large project in which a CONTRACTOR takes responsibility for all aspects of design and construction. packing. In general, material that is used to fill gaps between parts of an assembly to make them fit tightly.

What are the 7 principles of prince2?

The 7 Principles of PRINCE2Continued Business Justification.Learn from Experience.Defined Roles and Responsibilities.Manage by Stages.Manage by Exception.Focus on Products.Tailor to Suit the Project.

Is a Gantt chart a WBS?

A Gantt chart is created from the Work Breakdown Structure and tracks tasks across time. It shows the start and finish date of each task, their dependencies, and their relationship to each other in terms of sequencing.

What is the purpose of WBS?

A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a tool that can be used for projects, programs, and even initiatives to understand the work that has to be done to successfully produce a deliverable(s). The benefits of creating a WBS include: it defines and organizes the work required.

What is difference between Project Manager and Program Manager?

The program manager oversees the entire initiative. They are ultimately responsible for the success of all the interconnected projects within that program. The project manager oversees only one (or sometimes a few) of these efforts. They ensure the timely delivery of a specific project.

What is WorkFace planning?

In construction capital projects, Workface Planning is the organization of field execution around the creation of fully resourced packages of work that can be executed by a single construction crew in a discrete period of time, typically five to 10 days or around 1,000 hours.