Question: What Is The First Step In Developing A Project Scope Management Plan Quizlet?

What are the steps to creating a project scope statement?

8 Key Steps to Developing a Project Scope StatementUnderstand why the project was initiated.

Define the key objectives of the project.

Outline the project statement of work.

Identify major deliverables.

Select key milestones.

Identify major constraints.

List scope exclusions.

Obtain sign-off..

What are the 5 steps of defining scope?

How to define the scope of a project?Figure out project goals.Consider project limitations.Define resources and budget.Write a killing project scope statement.

What is the first process in project scope management quizlet?

What is the first process in Project Scope management? What is scope management plan? The process of creating a document that states how the project scope will be defined, validated, and controlled.

How do you write a scope management plan?

Steps for a Scope Management Plan Create a detailed project scope statement that identifies the project’s goals and objectives. Create a work breakdown structure (WBS) to map all the necessary tasks. Develop the process by which the WBS will be maintained and approved. List roles and responsibilities of project team.

Which activities are included in project scope management?

Project Scope ManagementPlan Your Scope.Collect Requirements.Define Your Scope.Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)Validate Your Scope.Control Your Scope.

What is the first step in developing a project scope management plan?

The first step toward defining the scope of a project is to create or sign a statement of work. A statement of work is the official document that outlines the requirements for a particular project.

What are the seven phases of design plans?

Project Phases:Pre-Design: Background Research & Programming.Schematic Design: Defining the Look and Feel.Design Development: Refining the Design.Construction Documents: Detailed Drawings and Specifications.Permitting: Getting Approval.Bidding: Hiring The General Contractor.More items…

What are the six elements of a typical scope statement?

Typical components of a project scope statement include a project objective, justification, product description, expected outcomes, assumptions and limitations.

How do you write a scope statement example?

A good scope statement includes the following things:Overall description of the work. This is where you state that the project is to “build a fence.”Deliverables. What will be produced by the project, and what are its key features? … Justification for the project. … Constraints. … Assumptions. … Inclusions/Exclusions.

How do you identify a scope?

How to Identify the Scope of a Project: The Four StepsStep 1: Identify Project Needs. The first step in the project scope checklist is to identify project needs. … Step 2: Identify Project Objectives. … Step 3: Identify Project Expectations. … Step 4: Identify Project Constraints.

What are the 5 phases of IT projects?

In this article, we’ll cover what each of these phases entail and share tips for boosting success during each stage. Developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the five phases of project management include conception and initiation, planning, execution, performance/monitoring, and project close.

What is scope management plan in project management?

A scope management plan is the component of the project management plan that describes how the scope will be defined, developed, monitored, controlled and validated (Project Management Body of Knowledge, 6th Edition). The core of the scope management plan is the project scope statement.

What is the first step in project planning?

9 steps on how to create a project plan online. … Step 1: Identify all stakeholders. … Step 2: Define roles and responsibilities. … Step 3: Hold a kickoff meeting. … Step 4: Define project scope, budget, and timeline. … Step 5: Set and prioritize goals. … Step 6: Define deliverables. … Step 7: Create a project schedule.More items…•

What are the outputs of the Validate scope process?

Project document updates and work performance information are other outputs of the validate scope process. After deliverables are completed and accepted, project documents must be updated and also accepted deliverables must be marked in the project documents.

Which is the first step of scoping activity?

The Scoping Phase duration depends on the project complexity and involves identifying stakeholders, establishing the project team, confirming the project purpose and need, initiating the environmental review process, determining the level of environmental documentation and required permits, performing survey, …