Question: What Is The Salary Of B Com?

Is BBA better than BCom?

Both BBA and Bcom offer similar career Opportunity.

If students are willing to do an MBA, then BBA might be the better option.

But if the students interested to become a CA, CS or CFA, then will be a better option for students.

BBA is a 3 year undergraduate degree level course..

Which degree is best for banking?

MBA. When it comes to a career in banking, an MBA is still the gold standard. … Finance. A finance degree is all but mandatory for certain banking roles. … Business. … Economics. … Accounting. … Financial Engineering. … Physics/ Engineering/ Mathematics. … Banking.More items…•

How can I get job after BCom MNC?

Everybody wishes to get a job in an MNC, but the important part is at which level you wish to join. This level of job depends on what strong qualification you have acquired before taking experience. In an MNC as a BCom you can get jobs for Tele Callers, Voice Process, Data Entry jobs, non-voice processes, etc.

Is BCOM a good degree?

It is generally believed that earning a bachelor’s degree, particularly B.Com degree in the commerce stream is a pretty good career move and often the minimum requirement for getting a job. Although in many cases, this is correct, but it might be misleading sometimes.

Which job has highest salary?

List of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in IndiaMedical Professionals (Doctors & Surgeons)Data Scientist.Machine Learning Experts.Blockchain Developer.Full Stack Software Developer.Product Management.Management Consultant.Investment Banker.More items…•

What jobs are most in demand?

15 most in-demand careersHome health aide.Nursing assistant.Construction worker.Physical therapy aide.Truck driver.Medical technologist.Operations research analyst.Financial advisor.More items…•

Which field is best in commerce?

A) Best Courses After 12th CommerceBachelor of Management Studies. … Bachelor of Economics. … Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Finance. … Bachelor of Commerce in Banking & Insurance. … Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets.

Does BCom have value?

B . Com has no practical orientation and as such he can not get any job directly . After commerce degree one must do CA or MBA to get good jobs at officer level . Career opportunities for a bcom graduate are abundant now a days , however I am listings below some of the popular options of the recent times.

How many types of B Com are there?

Under BCom, there are three most popular courses, namely BCom or BCom-General, BCom (Honours) and BCom LLB. The BCom or BCom-General is also referred to as BCom-Pass by many universities.

What is the lowest paying job?

Explainer: The 8 lowest-paying jobs in AmericaFood preparation and serving workers, including fast food.Dishwashers.Cashiers.Hosts and hostesses.Amusement park attendants.Movie theater ushers, ticket takers.Farm workers.Personal and home care aides.

Which job is best after 12 Commerce?

Career Options for Commerce StudentsBachelor of Commerce (B.Com) This degree is the most customary course that students tend to choose after their class 12th completion. … Chartered Accountancy (CA) … Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) … Company Secretary (CS) … Bachelor of Economics. … Data Science. … Digital Marketing. … Full Stack Development.

Is MCom better than MBA?

This comparison of MBA and MCom courses helps you decide which is the better choice of course for you….MBA vs MCom: Overview.FeatureMBAMComLevelPostgraduateDuration2 yearsStreamManagementCommerceEligibilityGraduation in any streamBachelor’s degree in Commerce with Maths, Economics or Accounts6 more rows•May 8, 2020

Is commerce better than science?

When it comes to the course structure, Commerce is easier than Science. The science subjects require you to study continuously and extensively. Commerce requires you to be clear with the basics, and you are good to go.

What is the starting salary for B Com?

BCom JobsJob RolesAverage Salary (INR)Highest Salary (INR)Stock Broker3.93 Lakhs8.11 LakhsExport-Import Manager2.44 Lakhs6.50 LakhsAccountant2.48 Lakhs5.08 LakhsFinance Consultant10.03 Lakhs20 Lakhs4 more rows•Sep 10, 2020

Which job is best for BCOM students?

Chartered Accountancy (CA) … Company Secretary (CS) … Master of Commerce (M.Com) … Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) … Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) … Certified Management Accountant (CMA) … US Certified Public Accounting (CPA) … Financial Risk Manager (FRM)More items…•

Which job has highest salary in commerce?

Top Highest Paying Jobs for Commerce Students in IndiaChartered Accountant. … Investment Banker. … Chartered Financial Analyst. … Certified Public Accountant. … Actuary. … Cost Accountant. … Professional Accountants. … Retail Manager.More items…•

Is 50000 a good salary in India?

For most people in India, 50,000 still remains an unbelievably large amount. India is a poor country with very low per capita income. So in general, it is a very good salary. However, that is not to say it is sufficient for the life you want to lead, that will depend on your personal desires and needs.

Is B Com necessary for CA?

necessary for a CA? No, is not needed to do CA. If you are class 12th student then you can enroll directly to CA course through CA-CPT Foundation exam. As per ICAI or Various other guidelines/rules, it is not mandatory or essential to have a bachelor’s degree to become a Chartered Accountant.

How can I get good salary after BCOM?

We’ve created a list of course which can be pursued in order to get a good salary….Finance CoursesStock Broker.Financial Analyst.Statistician.Relationship Manager.Credit Control Manager.Corporate Banking Executive.Personal Financial Advisor.

Is BCom good for future?

3) Immense Future Prospects: Chartered Accountancy:Chartered Accountancy or CA has been one of the commonly chosen career paths B.Com graduates across India for decades. There are many reasons as to why one would choose to pursue a career in CA, including lucrative pay scale, good career growth opportunities, etc.

Who earns more BBA or BCom?

BBA vs BCom: Salary Both Bcom and BBA graduates earn around the same if they go for a job right after graduation. The average starting salary for a BBA or BCom graduates ranges from 3-4 lakhs per year in India.