Quick Answer: How Do I Change The View In Salesforce Dashboard?

How do I assign a user to a dashboard in Salesforce?

Choose a Running User in Salesforce ClassicEdit a dashboard.Click the.

Choose a running user setting.

Optionally, select Let authorized users change running user to enable those with permission to change the running user on the dashboard view page.

Click OK.In the View dashboard as field, enter a running user.Save your dashboard..

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What is difference between report and dashboard in Salesforce?

A dashboard is a visual display of key metrics and trends for records in your org. The relationship between a dashboard component and report is 1:1; for each dashboard component, there is a single underlying report. … Like reports, dashboards are stored in folders, which control who has access.

Is Salesforce a reporting tool?

Salesforce’s dashboard reporting tools are a powerful data-reporting software program but they are also a thing of beauty. With the user interface redesign of Salesforce Lightning, the dashboards are even more effective and visually appealing.

How do I change the dashboard in Salesforce?

Click Customize Page in the Dashboard section of the Home tab.Search for a dashboard and select a different dashboard from the drop-down list.Click Refresh to refresh the data in your dashboard.

How do I change the default dashboard in Salesforce?

Select a Default Home Page Dashboard within Salesforce ClassicClick Customize Page in the “Dashboard” section of the Home tab.Select a dashboard to be the Home Page default.Click Save.

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How do I edit my dashboard?

Edit an existing dashboard Open solution explorer, and then select Components > Dashboards. Open (double-click) a dashboard, select one of the component areas, and then select Edit Component. In the Set Properties dialog box, make your changes. When you’re done, select Set.

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What is a dynamic dashboard Salesforce?

Definition of Dynamic Dashboards A Dynamic Dashboard enables multiple users to access a dashboard that was previously accessed only by a single static user. This means that the dynamic dashboard can be used by a specific user alongside a logged-in user, and display data specific to both users accordingly.

How do you display dashboard in lightning component?

The collapsed version links back to the full dashboard.From Setup, enter App Builder in the Quick Find box, then select Lightning App Builder.Click New.Choose where to embed the dashboard. … Give your app page or home tab layout a label. … Choose a layout. … Drag and drop the Dashboard standard component into place.More items…

How do I change the default landing page in Salesforce community?

Click Administration | Pages | Go to Lightning Platform. In the Site Detail section, click Edit. In the Active Site Home Page field, select your custom Visualforce page. Click Save.

Why can’t I edit a dashboard in Salesforce?

Latest finding, it is caused by View My Team’s Dashboards permission is not enable for the user. To investigate why a user not able to edit a dashboard in organizations using enhanced folder sharing. Users can edit some dashboard details and save the changes as the current running user of the dashboard.

Which are valid dashboard components?

Dashboard components can be charts, tables, gauges, metrics, or other components that you can create with VisualForce. You can show data in reports and dashboards in the form of bars, columns, lines, shapes, or other elements.

How do I customize my dashboard in Salesforce lightning?

Click Save As (or Clone), modify the dashboard settings, and save.If necessary, create the source reports containing the data you want to display. … From the Dashboards tab, click New Dashboard.Name the dashboard. … To add a component to the dashboard, click + Component. … To add a filter to the dashboard, click + Filter.More items…

How do I change the color of my dashboard?

Edit a dashboard.Open the properties menu by clicking the gear icon ( ).From Dashboard Theme, choose Light or Dark to set the theme for the entire dashboard. To set a single component’s theme, edit the component by clicking .From Dashboard Palette, choose one of 14 color palettes. … Click Save.

How many reports can be in a Salesforce dashboard?

20 componentsWe can add maximum of 20 components (reports) in a dashboard.