Quick Answer: What Is Difference Between Data And Metadata?

What is the difference between data and metadata in Salesforce?

Data relates to the records that a business relies on, such as Users, Accounts, Contacts, to name a few.

On the other hand, Metadata is the data that describes other Data..

What are the three types of metadata?

The three main types of metadata are descriptive, structural and administrative.

What are some examples of metadata?

Some examples of basic metadata are author, date created, date modified, and file size. Metadata is also used for unstructured data such as images, video, web pages, spreadsheets, etc. Web pages often include metadata in the form of meta tags.

What is difference between data and information?

Information is a processed, organised data presented in a given context and is useful to humans. Data is an individual unit that contains raw material which does not carry any specific meaning. Information is a group of data that collectively carry a logical meaning.

What data is in Salesforce?

Salesforce.com’s cloud-based product enables automatic acquisition and management of CRM records. The Data.com platform enables sharing of contact data (similar to what is found on business cards) among members through its large user-generated database.

What metadata means?

summarizes basic information about dataMetadata. … Metadata summarizes basic information about data, making finding & working with particular instances of data easier. Metadata can be created manually to be more accurate, or automatically and contain more basic information.