Quick Answer: What Is Rework Process?

What is another word for rework?

Find another word for rework.

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rework, like: revise, emendate, change, rewrite, do-over, touch up, edit, redo, adapt, alter and emend..

What is rework company?

Rework is a mobile performance marketing company focussed on the creation and delivery of mobile products, promotions and services that innovate beyond the established and drive measurable return on investment.

What is a rework in music?

a rework is similar to an edit, but more is changed/added, its not just the original song cut up and re-arranged, there’s some new sounds/material. a remix is when the producer receives the stems of the original track and puts their own spin on it.

How do you control rework?

6 ways to help you reduce rework and unproductive laborAlways work from highest priority to lowest priority jobs. This starts with assigning a priority to every single ticket or task. … Schedule work, but schedule it loosely. … Develop and encourage specialization. … Call for help. … Make minimizing rework a high priority. … Documentation is your friend.

What is rework in production?

What Is Manufacturing Rework? Manufacturing rework is defined as the process of correcting defective, failed, or non-conforming items after inspection. This process includes responsibilities like disassembly, repair, replacement, reassembly, and more.

What is rework control?

According to Business Dictionary, rework is defined as: Correcting of defective, failed, or non-conforming items, during or after inspection. Rework includes all follow-on efforts such as disassembly, repair, replacement, reassembly, etc.

How do I reduce rework costs?

Follow these steps to reduce the number of errors and reworks for your organization or project.Create a Quality Process. Preventing reworks and errors is more effective than spending time and resources fixing problems after they occur. … Plan Out Work. … Use a Checklist. … Prioritize Task Assignments. … Provide Training.

What is scrap and rework?

Scrap and rework is defined as material that is added into production but is not part of a finished product. Because the cost of this scrap material does not add value to the organization, it gets included in the calculation for the total cost of quality, or poor quality.

What is rework in project management?

Rework in construction projects is referred to as the unnecessary effort of redoing a process or activity that was incorrectly implemented in the first instance. … Also, a structured framework for rework management has been proposed so as to enhance the project performance levels.

How do you reduce scrap and rework?

One way companies can save time and money is by preventing scrap and rework. Documenting product data, reviewing manufacturing processes, and clearly communicating changes throughout the supply chain all prevent scrap and rework from cutting into a company’s bottom line.

How does manufacturing track rework?

Keep a day-to-day record of the number of reworks and their cost. Using a spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc, for this task. As the cost of raw materials or workers’ wages fluctuate, the cost of reworks can change even if the number of reworks remain steady.

What does rework mean?

to work or form again: to rework gold. to revise or rewrite: to rework an essay. to process again or anew for reuse: to rework wool.

What is the difference between rework and repair?

Rework – The act of reprocessing non-complying product, through the use of original or alternate equivalent processing, in a manner that assures compliance of the product with applicable drawings or specifications. Repair – Action on a nonconforming product to make it conform to requirements.