Quick Answer: What Is The Weight In Moon?

What is difference between weight and mass?

The mass of an object is a measure of the object’s inertial property, or the amount of matter it contains.

The weight of an object is a measure of the force exerted on the object by gravity, or the force needed to support it.

The pull of gravity on the earth gives an object a downward acceleration of about 9.8 m/s2..

What would I weigh on Pluto?

On Pluto your weight would be 5.9% of your Earth weight, while on Charon you would weigh 3.1% of your Earth weight. Calculate your weight on Pluto and Charon. A person with a mass of 75 kg has a weight of approximately 750 N (165 lbs) on Earth.

How high can you jump on Earth?

How high was your jump? And how long did it last? On Earth, a good leap can clear over half a meter (1.6 feet) in a second. But hop with the same force elsewhere in the solar system — some place like the moon, Mars, or even a comet — and all bets are off, due to the different masses of those worlds.

How do I calculate my weight on the moon?

Being that it takes the weight of an object on earth and converts it to lunar weight, the formula is Weight on the Moon= (Weight on Earth/9.81m/s2) * 1.622m/s2. To find the weight on the moon, we divide the weight on earth by the earth’s force of gravity, which is 9.81m/s2. This calculates the mass of the object.

How do you calculate weight on Earth?

SummaryWeight is a measure of the force of gravity pulling down on an object. It depends on the object’s mass and the acceleration due to gravity, which is 9.8 m/s2 on Earth.The formula for calculating weight is F = m × 9.8 m/s2, where F is the object’s weight in Newtons (N) and m is the object’s mass in kilograms.

What changes on the moon mass or weight?

No matter if you are on Earth, the moon or just chilling in space, your mass does not change. But your weight depends on the gravity force; you would weigh less on the moon than on Earth, and in space you would weigh almost nothing at all.

How much is 1 kg on the moon?

A 1.0-kg mass thus has a weight of 9.8 N on Earth and only about 1.7 N on the Moon.

Which planet would you weigh the most on?

JupiterJupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System with the most mass. Because of Jupiter’s mass, you would weigh more on that planet than on any other one in our Solar System. If you weighed 68 kg on Earth then you would weigh 160.7 kg on Jupiter, over twice your normal weight.

How much does a 70 kg person weigh on the moon?

Mass on the earth, m = ?? Mass on the moon, m = ?? Mass on the moon = 70 kg (since mass is the quantity of matter possessed by a body, it remains constant.)

How much would 10 kg weight on the moon?

Answer and Explanation: Answer: Weight of a 10-kg object on moon is 16.33 N.

Can you breathe on moon?

On the moon, there’s no air to breathe, no breezes to make the flags planted there by the Apollo astronauts flutter. However, there is a very, very thin layer of gases on the lunar surface that can almost be called an atmosphere. Technically, it’s considered an exosphere.

How much do I weigh in space?

This force of attraction between you and the Earth (or any other planet) is called your weight. If you are in a spaceship far between the stars and you put a scale underneath you, the scale would read zero. Your weight is zero. You are weightless.

What does 1 kg weigh on earth?

On Earth, a 1 kg object weighs 9.8 N, so to find the weight of an object in N simply multiply the mass by 9.8 N. Or, to find the mass in kg, divide the weight by 9.8 N.

What is 50 kg on the moon?

Its mass is still 50 kg but the Moon’s gravitational pull is only about 1/6 of the Earth’s – in other words about 1.6 N/kg. This means that the weight of our crate on the Moon will be 50×1. 6 = 80 N and so it will be much easier to lift up.

What is the weight of Sun?

1.989 × 10^30 kgSun/Mass

How much would a 60 kg person weigh on the moon?

The force of gravity on her moon is approximately 1/6th thst of earth. So therefore the force or weight of a 60kg mass will be 10kg off weight (not converting to Newton’s ofcourse).

How much does a 65 kg person weigh on the moon?

For example on earth a 70kg person would weigh 686N (70kg x 9.8 ) whereas on the moon, where the gravitational acceleration is about 1.62 , that same 70kg person would weigh 113N. This means on a pair of scales calibrated for earth they would measure 11.5kg. G-force is another name for the acceleration due to gravity.

What’s my weight on Mars?

So an object or person on Mars would weigh 37.83% its weight on earth. Therefore, a person would be much lighter on mars. Conversely, a person is 62.17% heavier on earth than on Mars.